Blast2GO Release Version 3.1

Blast2GO Release Version 3.1

(Release Date: 01/08/2015)

This new version allows to work with multiple projects in parallel, a new FileManger to organizer all your data, run RFAM analysis and much more.


  • Work with multiple datasets in parallel.
  • Use the FileManager to organize your datasets and results.
  • Save and reopen all analysis results like graphs, charts, enrichments, etc.
  • Run RFAM analysis. Detect non-coding RNA, cis-regulatory elements or self-splicing RNAs (via EMBL-EBI webservice).
  • WordCloud or Treemap viewer allow summarizing functional profiles.
  • Extract FASTA sequences via GFF/GTF files.
  • Extract subsets and ID list from your project.
  • Customize your sequence table columns (e.g. remove columns you are not interested in).
  • A new Fast-Blast option to speed-up your blast results.

More information here.

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